Thank you for getting chance as member in your community

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Thank you for getting chance as member in your community

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I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Till. I´m 33 years old and I´m German. Sorry for writing in English, unfortunately I only understand Dutch with a dictionary... But I´m very pleased to get the chance to be a member in your community.

I´m the owner of Juweela. Juweela is located in Gemany and we develop and manufacture scaled products for modeling in different scales. In (agricultural) accessories in 1/32 is one focus.

Myself I´m a modeler as well (in private more in childhood than today I must admit). But passion remained and now our wish in developing new products is trying to get life to modeler´s model give model world a bit more color for creating realistic worlds...

We are just a manufacturer, we are no retailer. We only sell B2B (some of our retail partners are present here in the forum). For this reason I only would like to inform, to meet new friends, to answer questions or to discuss criticism. In agricultural forum of Germany from time to time we ask users if they are interested in free samples of our products - to have a personal view, for their personal estimation, for testing... Our friends of German forum like this possibility. If you would like to give me the chance in your community, too, I would be pleased to offer you free samples as well.

Just to be honest: Getting free samples is voluntary, of course. For sending samples we will need a postal address. As we don´t sell B2C we can´t and won´t use any address neither for mailing nor for selling address. We would ask for address for sending that sample only. When we offer another sample for free we ask a second time. If you give us permission for sending a free sample, you only get this sample. For another sample you give us permission only for that sample...

I really hope to get the chance to become a part of your community. I´m honest in everything I´m writing and I hope you will accept me from abroad in your forum.

Kind regards

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